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At PeaceTech Lab Netherlands, media, data and tech convene to build new instruments for international security, development and collaboration.

Our mission is to contribute to a better world. We want to help Dutch NGOs use data to raise funds, optimize their programs and communicate their contributions. We help NGOs to find an affordable and flexible way to bring data expertise into their organisation.

This website is under construction, so please bear with us while it is all coming together!


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About us

International development collaboration is changing because of a need for efficiency, transparency and proof of impact. The use of data can contribute significantly to this.

For NGOs the world of data can be opaque. They not always see the role data can play and may lack the capacity and knowledge to use its full potential. At the same time start-up NGOs and social enterprises enter their market and NGOs can profit from developing together with them.

While lots of young people want to use their digital expertise for a better world besides climbing the corporate ladder, the companies they work at emphasize their CSR policy more and more.

Our vision is to bring these worlds together: linking affordable, smart and flexible data knowledge to Dutch NGOs and help solve their digital challenges.


We believe in a lively exchange of innovative solutions based on the intensified use of  data to meet international security and development challenges.

Our strategy is to facilitate that exchange by offering online and offline opportunities to find the most effective solutions.

Our story

PeaceTech Lab NL is initiated by Benjamin Dalmulder, digital analyst and Robert Zaal, media executive. During their years at RNW Media they met many talented young people who deserve our support in making their societies more honest, sustainable and prosperous. Dalmulder and Zaal believe Dutch companies and public organizations have a lot to offer in the area of international development. These organisations can, in turn, profit from connecting to these talented people and the skills and networks they have. That’s why they founded PeaceTech Lab NL, in close collaboration with the Washington DC-based PeaceTech Lab, an initiative of the United States Institute of Peace.

Who we are

Benjamin Dalmulder.

Benjamin is our Chief Technology Officer. He is digital native, specialized in data analysis. You can wake him up for a nice game of analysis any time. This is his Linkedin profile.

Lilly Wiggers.

Lilly is our research and communications officer. She graduated in International Development. She is a global citizen, having lived on three continents. This is her Linkedin profile.

Robert Zaal.

Robert is our CEO. He managed media companies and enjoys building bridges, especially between the western world and the global south.This is his Linkedin profile.

What we do

PeaceTech Lab NL works at the intersection of technology, media and data to devise new instruments for international security, development and collaboration around the world. We deliver this mandate through three core functions depending on your organisation.

For NGOs

    • Better use of data
    • Introduction of data capacity and capability
    • Contribution to more evidence based programs
  • Opportunities for collaboration with new contenders

For data specialists

    • Use their talent for a better world (talent for good) through skills-based volunteering
    • Offer of new experiences
    • Membership of a more diverse data community
  • Inspiration

To private companies

    • Concrete opportunity to give purpose and contribute to a better world through meaningful CSR
    • Give more purpose to the company’s existence
  • Stay an attractive employer for scarce data talent

About PeaceTech and the PeaceTech Lab

Peacetech is a new industry that brings together engineers and activists, MBAs and conflict experts, social scientists and data scientists to design, develop and adapt new solutions to strive for peace and support international collaboration and development. Technology can be used as a tool to mobilize people for positive change and to create spaces for discussions. Peacetech can accelerate the development of solutions, distribute them faster, and engage more people in generating ideas and collaborative problem-solving.

For example, virtual reality (VR) has been used to generate empathy by creating brief but powerful immersive experiences, allowing the user to internalize a message. Analytics have been used in the field to assess cognitive, emotional, and behavioral dimensions related to conflict, providing new information and data visualization for decision makers. And social platforms, such as Skype, have been used to connect people worldwide with tutors to teach new languages, while providing empowering work opportunities to refugees.


The United States Institute of Peace, center for conflict resolution, created PeaceTech Lab to prevent violent conflict and promote secure and peaceful societies through the use of data, technology and media. The Lab was founded in 2014 and works for individuals and communities affected by conflict, using technology, media and data to accelerate local peacebuilding efforts. An independent nonprofit organization, the Lab’s mission is to inspire a new industry of peacetech entrepreneurs by bringing together engineers and activists, MBAs and conflict experts, social scientists and data scientists to design, develop and adapt new solutions to counter age-old drivers of conflict.

Prominent partners of PeaceTech Lab USA are Amazon Web Services, IBM, Drexell University, M.I.T University, Facebook, C5 Capital, Channels TV Nigeria, Hum TV Pakistan and numerous others.

PeaceTech Lab is building a worldwide network of Labs to make sure that local knowledge is used and implementation partners are connected. At present PeaceTech Labs are established in Nairobi, Kenya and Lagos, Nigeria. And The Netherlands.

The Board

Pim Gaanderse.

Pim is the Chairman of our Board. He has numerous years experience with Dutch news media .

Marcel Wiggers.

Marcel is the Board’s Secretary. After 15 years working at Randstad, Marcel is now involved in several projects in Africa, including in Ghana where he is a New Business Development Mentor.

Nancy Payne.

Nancy  is our third board member. She is Chief Operating Officer of PeaceTech Lab US, the sister organisation of the PeaceTech Lab Netherlands.

The members of our board do not receive a salary. The members receive an allowance for expenses made within reason.

Our Partners

The Netherlands PeaceTech Lab collaborates closely with the  PeaceTech Lab through joint programs and activities, branding and staff exchange. The Hague Municipality is a partner for the Lab, facilitating the actual start through co-financing the initial costs, promoting the Lab and sharing its contacts in the international community. A third partner is Rabobank, a valuable addition as a major player in the agricultural sector with a substantive CSR-tradition and portfolio.

PeaceTech Lab NL has connected with Dutch international development organizations: Cordaid, ICCO and Hivos. They contribute financially and partner as co-developers of the program.

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