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Podcast Episode #3: Data and the Development Sector

In this podcast episode, three experts from three Dutch NGOs offer their thoughts on the precious commodity of data and the development sector. Our podcast host Andy speaks to guests Grazina Raguckaja from Cordaid, Sjoerd Panhuijsen from Hivos and Martijn Marijnis from ICCO, all Dutch NGOs which are striving to use this asset for good. An example? In partnership with Oxfam and local partners, Hivos is supporting an Accelerator in Bolivia, aimed at disseminating stories created by working with data. Of course, you can listen to many more examples in the episode.

The three experts tell us what they have done to become more data-driven, and where they see challenges and opportunities for the future. How well is the sector equipped to use new tech and data and what needs to happen so they can utilise this resource to their advantage? Listen to find out!

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