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Podcast Episode #4: Our Digital Network

You may have heard that we have an ambitious goal for 2018: to build up a digital network of 100 young experts with data related skills who want to use their knowledge for good. On April 14, we organised our first meet-up for the ‘Digital 100’ to talk about warning systems for possible flood victims in Ghana. The young experts were presented the following case: flash flooding (which are sudden floods caused by rainfall in 4-6 hours) has devastating effects on property and lives in Accra, Ghana. How can we better warn these potential victims? Answers considered technical questions, like whether an app, website or social media would be the best medium and how to integrate satellite and historical data. They also considered underlying questions, like how to involve local populations, and what current early flood warning systems exist and why they are not working well (enough). You can see photos of the event here.

In this podcast episode, our host Andy meets our digital network at our meet-up in Amsterdam. He talks to them about their experiences with data, their desire to do something good and how they think they, as a young and motivated group, can add value to the discussions.

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