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Summer Session: Creating and Designing A Data Strategy


Welcome back from your vacations! We hope you’ve had a wonderful, relaxing time and are ready to begin your work refreshed and rejuvenated. At PeaceTech Lab NL we had time to relax too, but we also had an exciting event: the Digital100 Summer Session. On lucky Friday the 13th, we held a session in Amsterdam at the offices of Digital Power, one of our corporate partners.

Just a quick reminder if you are not yet aware who our Digital100 are. They are our network of 100 experts with data, ICT and technology skills, who we host at our monthly meet-ups. These meet-ups are designed for people who want to use their knowledge for good. A specific data challenge is presented to these young experts, who are asked to find data science or data analysis solutions and offer their thoughts on the best way to move forward.


The data challenge presented in July was a little different. Instead of diving specifically into a database, we asked our Digital100 members to think more generally about using data in an ethical and useful way. All NGO’s need information that is substantiated with data, for lobbying and advocacy goals and to justify decisions and convince donors. PeaceTech Lab NL is supporting Dutch NGO’s become more data literate, and it was one such NGO that hosted this session. We asked the attendees to comment on how to go about designing a data strategy, what inputs you would need and what results you can expect. In follow-up meetings, our host told us he was greatly impressed by the comments made in this session. The feedback of these sessions is now being used to map challenges and draft a plan on how to tackle them.


Our next meet-up will be on October 5th! Have data skills and want to be part of this experience? Register here. If you’re a business or an NGO and could use our data experts for your project, get in contact with us through email or use the contact details below!


Lilly Wiggers

Junior Research and Communications Officer, PeaceTech Lab NL

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