Charter Digital100

PeaceTechLab Netherlands* is honored to accept you as a new member of its Digital100 Network!

PeaceTechLab Netherlands’ focus is to develop ways to apply data technology to resolve developing world issues, such as water management, food and health.

The Digital100 Network platform is created by PeaceTechLab Netherlands to collect a group of experts from different disciplines supporting PeaceTechLab Netherlands’ goals and to make expertise available to NGO’s on a low-threshold basis. The Digital100 Network will also serve as a valuable network between the members themselves. The Digital100 Network is governed by some simple rules, safeguarding confidentiality, exclusivity and protection of valuable know-how and other intellectual property. These house rules are listed below and apply to PeaceTechLab Netherlands and each member of the Digital100 Network.

  1. PeaceTechLab Netherlands is a not for profit organization and shall not use or make available any information obtained from the Digital100 Network for commercial purposes.
  2. Privacy rules shall be respected at all times by all members of the Digital100 Network and by PeaceTechLab Netherlands.
  3. Information and knowledge exchanged within the circle of the Digital100 Network members and PeaceTechLab Netherlands shall be treated as confidential and shall not be used for other purposes than for each member’s own enhancement of knowledge and to further develop the network and its quality. This shall not apply to information belonging to the public domain or information that was otherwise disclosed or brought to the knowledge of the recipient.
  4. The Digital100 Network members are willing and capable of providing help to NGO with limited budgets, capacity and/or knowledge on the topic of data management.
  5. The Digital100 Network members are willing and capable to contribute to events in their own field of expertise.
  6. The Digital100 Network members are willing and capable to contribute by one on one consultations with NGO’s for general and global advice or guidance. This happens pro bono or against reimbursement of costs, all within reasonable limits and without the Digital100 Network member assuming liability for advice or guidance given.
  7. PeaceTechLab Netherlands shall regularly set up meet-ups, workshops or other events in order for the Digital100 Network members to meet each other, PeaceTechLab Netherlands staff and NGO’s.
  8. Should co-operation between one or more members of the Digital100 Network and PeaceTechLab Netherlands lead to the creation of intellectual property, this shall belong to PeaceTechLab Netherlands.
  9. PeaceTechLab Netherlands shall be happy to help establish business relations between NGO’s and Digital100 Network members. However, the Digital100 Network is not primarily meant for members to establish business relations, but to help NGO’s develop their work. If a Digital100 Network member wishes to contact an NGO introduced to it by PeaceTechLab Netherlands or an NGO contacts a Digital100 Network member with the purpose of creating business, they shall not do so without prior consultation with PeaceTechLab Netherlands.

*PeaceTechLab Netherlands is the trade mark for Stichting Media & Tech for Development, Commercial Register number 69991413, address Fluwelen Burgwal 58, 2511CJ Den Haag, the Netherlands P