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“As a digital analyst, I know how much worth digital media and data can have for NGOs. This is a world where there are many opportunities.”

“Besides the work towards a greater good, what attracted me to PeaceTech Lab NL is the opportunity to learn and work alongside inspiring, open-minded and goal-driven individuals.”

You may have heard that we have an ambitious goal: to build up a network of experts with data and tech related skills who want to use their knowledge for good, known as the Digital 100. These are people who can help us analyze data, build websites, create apps or teach others how they can use these skills so they can create a healthy environment to live in!

We’re looking for people who can volunteer some of their time to help us look for technology and data science solutions, whether that is an hour once every two weeks or a month in the summer.

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Here you can find the PeaceTechLab NL charter.

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