Meet our core team!

I encountered PeaceTech Lab NL during a job fair. Despite the fact that I was looking for an internship back then, PeaceTechLab’s ambitious mission immediately caught my attention and I got in touch with the leadership team. I have studied Econometrics and Operation research and currently work as a Data Scientist at Leaseplan. Similarly as Thomas, my childhood dream was to make the world a better place, and I somehow naively still believe that I can make it happen with my small contribution.

I love travelling, music and art, so the coronacrisis it does not make me in particular happy. I also do a lot of exercise and running. And I LOVE food, so i can’t say I really have a favourite one, maybe chocolate from Tony’s Chocolonely, as I am a chocolate addict (and contributing to a better world just a tiny bit more by eating it :)).

Data Science can help make the world a better place. But it ain’t easy. I am contacting NGO’s on behalf of PeaceTech Lab NL because these wonderful enthusiastic volunteers just want to help NGO’s. I’ve helped start projects with a number of wonderful organizations such as the Red Cross Mozambique.

Outside of Peace Tech Lab I work for a consulting firm that advises governmental organizations in their approach to data, algorithms and AI. At PBLQ I lead the AI team and love solving problems as well as writing blogs. In my spare time I sit on the board of a few NGO’s, play DnD and read a political book. 

Do you have a data issue? Let’s connect and find out if PeaceTech Lab NL can help solve it. 

I joined the PeaceTech Lab NL core team in November 2019. I’m a Data Science consultant at Digital Power in Amsterdam and have a masters degree in Public Policy and Human Development. I love data but only when it’s used for a good cause and used responsibly, that’s why I joined PTL. I’m 23 years old, from Maastricht and currently live in Amsterdam. My family and boyfriend live in and around Maastricht so you’ll often find me there on weekends, or weekdays even during the corona crisis.
Besides data, my biggest passion in life is food: the first thing I do when I wake up is decide what I’m making for dinner, then I’ll spend the rest of the day dreaming about that. Looking forward to meeting you all in person soon!

Hi everyone! I’m Casper and I’ve been with PTL NL since December 2018. I first joined the D100 community as I was very interested in seeing what data can do for NGOs, and also very willing to invest my time to help out and concurrently learn from that experience. In the middle of 2019 most members of the PTL NL core team chose to step down, and I was given the chance to form a new group of people to continue the mission. Thankfully, that worked out: we now have a new team of enthousiastic people and since you are reading this message, the Digital100 community is alive and kicking. We are more than ever ready to do more good with data and help NGOs become more data literate. And meet fun and nice people while doing so!

As a paid job, I’m an independent contractor and mainly do projects in the public sector as a project manager or business analyst, often implementing (better use of) business intelligence tooling. I live with my daughter in Diemen, enjoy running and playing tennis, and will get hungry if I see a Thai curry dish. I also love coffee, so let me know if you’d like to grab one and meet! Cheers!

My name is Bram. I joined PeaceTech Lab NL January 2020 as a core member. I am a medical doctor and am currently finishing up my PhD in nanotechnology. I was really captured by the idea of  PeaceTech Lab NL to help NGO’s get access to data expertise and wanted to be a part of that mission. In my free time I enjoy baking, snowboarding and running.

I founded PTL nl back in 2018 with Robert Zaal. Robert and I worked together at RNW Media and after both leaving RNW we thought it would be great to create an initiative in which people can share their talents within the NGO sector. Especially data professionals are scarce and that is how PTL nl originated. After two intense and really fun years we are here now. The organisation was restructured in the second half of 2019, Robert left and Casper took his place. Casper has done a great job in reviving PTL nl and set out a new course!  Something about myself; I am 37 (almost 38 unfortunately) and most likely one of the “dinosaurs” in this group. I have 3 kids, am married, living together with my wife now for 14,5 years. Born and raised in Amsterdam, now living in Zaandam. I have been working with data for over 10 years and have worked in a number of different industries; Finance, NGO, Publishing and Ecommerce. My goal is to work with all of you and NGO’s and together realize their data ambitions. My favorite food I would say is a really good Surinam Roti!

I first encountered PTL in 2018. Before joining the team, I was an active member of the Digital 100 that was curious and eager to make an impact with my data skills. Having a background in Psychology, I am interested in understanding the human reflection in the data and how these biases can be mitigated to leverage the potential of data to enable better (human) decision making. I am intrigued by the intrinsic nature of biases in the way humans think and perceive. In my day to day job, I work as a Machine Learning engineer, deploying machine learning applications- making sure that data science is not only done within a box but can really be accessed and used “in the wild”! I am also actively working towards achieving a proportionate gender representation by encouraging, inspiring and promoting minorities to achieve their programming potential with the R-Ladies chapter in Amsterdam. Curious about any of the topics above and how we as PTL can help you with that? Reach out- always happy to grab a coffee and meet 🙂 

Hi everyone, I am Michiel and joined PTL just recently. The challenges which PTL sets for itselfs have inspired me to join the team. Working with data can help to improve NGO’s to be more effective. And making the most of data is a favorite passion for me.

I’m working in Amsterdam, the city where I live, for the municipality as project lead and data analyst. In this role and in past roles in other public organisations, I help the organizations to become more data aware. In my free time I like to read books and love to travel.

I help organizations get the most out of data. Period. 
I have a focus on the advanced topics such as data science and how to organize your teams and infrastructures in ways that work. 
Otherwise, I’m exceptionally boring.
[Editors note: except for his exceptional sense of humor]

Data is perhaps the most important form of information we can use to do our work better. However, most of the time we do not use it this way, we use it to prove we are wrong. When you use it this way, you will not make optimal use of the tools we are given. If anything I would like to improve this situation!

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