About why and how we started

Our vision and mission
Data adepts we are, we envision a world where NGOs make optimal use of data when making impact all around the globe. We work towards that world by connecting NGOs to data professionals that want to help collect funding and realize and prove social impact. By means of projects and events, we create meaningful, safe and accessible learning environments for all parties involved, and so make way for innovation, exchange of knowledge and advancement of expertise.

Our Digital100 community
We have a network of data minded professionals that help us pro bono on our mission of improving how data is used for social impact. The community consists of data analysts, data scientists, data engineers, project leaders and of people just eager to help out when needed. Are you interested in putting your skills to good use and have some time to spare? Feel free to join us and we’ll make sure you to keep you in the loop! Please contact Casper at casper@peacetechlabnl.org for more info!

Our history
PeaceTech Lab NL was founded in 2018 by Robert Zaal and Benjamin Dalmulder. They identified  opportunities for connecting talented data minded people with the NGO sector to together make more social impact through better use of data. In the starting period, a diverse and numerous amount of projects was set up, but the team faced great difficulties in organizing these cost effectively. Due to this, the core team decided to quit PeaceTech Lab NL mid-2019. Having been involved as a volunteer earlier, Casper Staat then continued PeaceTech Lab NL’s mission with a group of volunteers.

Fast forward to 2021. PeaceTech Lab NL now has a core team of 13 members with a broad range of skills and knowledge, all having affinity and experience with using data beneficially. With help from the volunteers from our Digital100 community, we are all eager to make the world a better place by putting data to good use. 

Do you want to be part of our story? Please feel free to reach out!
Contact Casper (casper@peacetechlabnl.org) or Thomas (thomas@peacetechlabnl.org). And don’t worry, they won’t stalk you afterwards 🙂

PeaceTech Lab NL | info@peacetechlabnl.org | Wulp 25, 1111WJ Diemen | RSIN: 858094368 | KVK: 69991413