How we make sure our impact is positive

Time is valuable, so we use it wisely
One thing we’ve learned from working with NGOs, is that time is short. Making sustainable impact is fulfilling but hard work. So when working with data has not yet really integrated with an NGO’s core business, then its hard to find time to invest in finding valuable ways in which data can help. We know. That’s why, that in the way we work, we make sure that the time an NGO has to invest is limited to only those moments where it is of true value. We have broad experience with managing data projects, so we will take care of time consuming bits that hinder an NGO from experimenting. We will guide the process, so that an NGO can enjoy and learn from the journey.

Data is powerful, so we use it ethically
Working with data might seem very technical, but it can have very real consequences to a human’s day-to-day live. And the opportunities sometimes seem endless. At PeaceTech Lab NL, we do not let ourselves lead by what is technically possible. We ask ourselves: must we want this? And if we do, we will be wary of the consequences of our actions and the biases we or the data hold. Should we run into technical limits, then we will tell you. We will not write fairytales with data. And make sure you won’t be involved in a horror movie either.

Needs differ, so we scale accordingly
We have a strong core team with experience on a broad range of data topics. For an NGO, one of our core team members will always be the primary contact person. When setting up a project, we determine whether we can realize it with our core team, need involvement from our Digital100 network, or that we should include our partner Digital Power. By doing so, we make sure our resources always fit with the project’s needs and keep costs as low as possible, without ever giving in on quality.

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