What we offer to help you make optimal use of data

Dataproofing project proposals
With every fundraising project proposal an NGO needs to set up, it is wanted or even necessary to show how a project will use data. Either for proving or improving a project’s impact. We know time is short when writing project proposals. It is challenging to make sure your project makes optimal use of data and is innovative enough for funders and can feasibly be implemented. Therefore, we offer help with:

– Exploring data opportunities for your project;
– Validating the data paragraph in your proposal;
– Writing the data component in your proposal;
– Or writing the proposal altogether.

We make sure our input aligns with your goals, mission, or theory of change. And together we’ll make your dataproof project proposal be half of the battle.

Automated text analyses (Natural Language Processing)
In many projects NGOs set up, questionnaires are used to score and evaluate the impact of a project on its beneficiaries. Closed questions with multiple choice answers are often they way you should want to go when setting these up. However, they can neglect the value that lies within more exploratory open questions, that don’t limit or steer a respondent’s feedback. Analyzing open answers can however be very time consuming, which by itself can be a reason not to experiment with such research designs. At PeaceTech Lab NL we have core team members specialized in automated text analyses through Natural Language Processing. These techniques help mitigate the risk of needing to do intense manual labor on interpreting high volume qualitative research. And they can also be used for scraping news websites and public social media data. If you have a project that might benefit from such analyses, but have always hesitated to put time into the needed techniques? Please let us know – we’ll check if we can make your life a little easier!

General data support
The above propositions are what we currently focus on. However, our mission is to help NGOs make optimal use of data in a broader sense. So we are more than willing to help with other challenges as well. In the past, we have advised on (international) data and information management strategies, held workshops on different analyses techniques (including R and Python), implemented social listening tools for automated news scraping, helped standardize questionnaires for longitudinal studies, and have coached NGO staff members on their data analysis and visualization skills. If you have a data related problem, then we are keen to partner up and help you solve it. Even if you need help defining what the problem actually is!

Do you want to want make impact with data? Please feel free to reach out!
Contact Casper (casper@peacetechlabnl.org) or Thomas (thomas@peacetechlabnl.org). And don’t worry, they won’t stalk you afterwards 🙂

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